ICS Digital Transformation - New Security & Needs of New Regulations

14:30 - 15:10

Location : Sala ASIA A



14:30-15:10 - Sala ASIA A - Atelier Tecnologico

"ICS Digital Transformation  -  New Security & Needs of New Regulations"

The adoption and dizzying growth of digital technology, applied to the world around us every day (e.g. IoT), is exponentially multiplying the risks for professional, industrial and government institutions who are living and working in the same network. In addition to direct attacks, brought by humans, it is now increasingly important to protect oneself from those brought by machines. IoT Devices, useful for everyday life (e.g. sensors), can become unintentional (and thus undetected) weapons for targeted attacks on critical infrastructures which are responsible for facilitating the daily life and infrastructure of countries.This new global context must lead to an awareness with all the governments themselves of what the new real dangers of this new frontier of the digital age are, in present and in future. We need new approaches to security (CyberSecurity) and new regulations that can act as an institutional lever for the implementation of a common prevention plan and the adoption of the necessary technological countermeasures by those who provide services that are vital for the life and security of countries.

The EU is one step behind compared to other countries. GDPR is a good starting point, BUT IT IS NOT SUFFICIENT. We need to do much more on the regulatory level.

Relatore: Torsten Noack e Maurizio Corti