Cybersecurity. Business. Compliance. Disruption

14:30 - 16:00

Location : Sala ASIA A



14:30-16:00 – Sala ASIA A - Percorso Professionale Tecnico

"Cybersecurity. Business. Compliance. Disruption"

Security turned into Cybersecurity when we connected our systems, when our data started flowing around. This is an era where the terms cyber-resiliency, cyber-warfare, cyber-protection have become first page on the news and we need to get ready. We need to expect the unexpected. Organizations and professionals have to be in a unique position to understand and embrace the cybersecurity challenge and provide insights to businesses into every step of the cyber-way. Cyber-executives should adapt and adopt techniques for this cybersecurity epoch. And, in times of change, legislations and regulations provide a framework to abide by. The Compliance perspective -with GDPR being effective in less than 90 days- is one to understand and to take action upon.

This session will describe the new era that we are living and how society must design its unique approach to this field. We used to call this Security. Now we call it Cybersecurity and is part of the foundations for the future of the profession. With compliance in mind. For a reason.

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