Andrew Komarov

Company :

Funzione: President & Chief Intelligence Officer of IntelCrawler

Andrew Komarov (USA), President & Chief Intelligence Officer of IntelCrawler, an InfoArmor company. Prior to IntelCrawler, Komarov worked in the private and public sectors where he investigated major financial crimes, human and drug trafficking cases, and was involved in anti-terrorism cooperation with international law enforcement agencies. He began his career researching vulnerabilities, but eventually made his way into positions that enabled him to do full investigations. In these roles, he gained an understanding of how attacks are carried out, as well as how to identify the bad actors and their motives. Context-aware cyber intelligence technologies are at the heart of Komarov's research at IntelCrawler, collecting large amounts of data and using cutting edge technologies that can extract preemptive and predictable attack attributes, which will be valuable for large enterprises and governments. Ultimately, Komarov is passionate about finding flaws in systems and software. In 2014, entered in "Reboot 25: Threat seekers" list of SC Magazine as one of the top known threats reseachers.